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In my list earlier I mentioned my gr. grandfather, Wm.Henry Fuller being married three times..His 1st wife was Jane McAlmon. Matilda BEST. was his 2nd wife,and his 3rd wife was Grace Munroe.. but I have an unusual story to relate..My gr.grandfather William's 2nd wife, Matilda, was raking and burning leaves when her dress caught on fire, and she burned to death in front of my grandfather Harry Elmer Fuller, while Harry was still very young. This story was relayed to me by my Aunt Gladys (Fuller) Taylor who said my father Leroy Sr. told her the story.
Another bit of grandfather and his wife were British subjects living in Portland Maine. Later they moved to Vermont and for a time both of my gr.grandfathers ( William Henry Fuller and Robert Marshall Perham ) lived with the rest of the Fullers in Gilman Vermont, in the town of Lunenburg. Grandfather Harry and his wife Caroline Evelyn Perham were not naturalized as US citizens until 10/18/1919 shortly after my Aunt Gladys was born. Both of my gr.grandfathers are buried side by side in the John's River Cemetery, located on the New Hampshire side of the Connecticut river which divides Vermont and New Hampshire.It's on NH route 135 a short distance N. of Dalton, NH.

Grave markers for great grandparents William Henry Fuller Robert Marshall Perham

A story now on the YOUNG side of the family. My mother was a YOUNG one of 3 girls of James A. Young and Minnie Frances COLVIN. This story appeared in a newspaper in early 1907. I have a photo copy of the newspaper clipping.
James A. Young Warrensburgh (NY) Agent of the National Express Co. The National Express company, one of the largest corporations doing business as a common carrier in the United States,exercises great care in choosing men to represent its interests in the various towns. They must possess many excellent qualities in order to satisfy the rigid requirements entrusted with their selection. As a natural consequence, the employees of the great company are a remarkably fine body of men. One of the finest is James A. Young, the company's Warrensburgh agent..Affable and courteous to a degree, he is always "on the job" ready and willing to exert himself to the utmost to satisfy and please his company's patrons..And that is no easy job either, for most people haven't much sympathy for a "soulless corporation" or its representative. Mr. Young is a native of Schroon Lake. He was born there June 18 1872. At the age of fourteen he went to New York and remained a year, then went to Sandy Hill and entered the employ of the Union Bag & Paper Company. In August 1901,he became an expressman, driving the delivery wagon in Sandy Hill. In August of 1903 he was given charge of the Fort Edward office and on October following, was transferred to Warrensburgh.He was married June 7 1899 to Miss Minnie F. Colvin, of Sandy Hill They have two little daughters,Lillian May, and Gladys Irene. Ed. note...This story also featured a photo of my grandfather YOUNG. As I mentioned at the top of this story..this clipping had to be between my Aunt Gladys Young's birth in 1906 and my mother's birth which came in Nov.1907. Also for those people of a younger generation ..Sandy Hill was the old name for Hudson Falls New York.
My grandfather Harry Elmer Fuller married Caroline PERHAM. I have a considerable amount of info on the PERHAMS..I won't bore you with too much..but would also like to include some of that. The information was gathered and written by May Louise PERHAM, who married a brother of my grandfather, Albert A.FULLER. May's father was Robert Marshall PERHAM, her Mother was Frances Fraizer (Fraiser) who came from Scotland. Some brief notes from May Louise (Perham) FULLER. ROBERT MARSHALL PERHAM, after being a Sea Captain off the Grand Banks (near Newfoundland and Nova Scotia) later came to the USA in Portland Maine to work for the M.C.R.R. for twenty years was later transferred to Vermont where be continued work there. (M.C.R.R.was the Maine Central Railroad.) ALBERT A.FULLER (Ed. of my grandfather) worked for Proctor Ellison in Boston for many years and later transferred to Eckland PA. He took charge of all leather shipped from the tannery which was one of the biggest tanneries of America. HARRY ELMER FULLER (Ed. note my grandfather) worked in the office of the paper mill for over thirty years.(Gilman Paper, Gilman VT. MAY LOUISE (PERHAM) FULLER had many other stories...I will add some of her information... She was b. 1881 m. Albert A.Fuller who was educated and lived in Portland, Maine..then to Boston, and later to Los Angeles California..There were no children..Albert died in 1942. CAROLINE EVELYN PERHAM b. 1884 m. my grandfather..Harry Elmer Fuller in Portland, Maine..later they moved to Vermont where six children were born...Harry A.Fuller, Mae Frances Fuller, Leroy Linwood Fuller (my father),Evelyn Louise Fuller, Gladys Irene Fuller and Edith (Priscilla)Fuller. May Louise (Perham ) Fuller also added these brief notes..(quoting from her PERHAM FAMILY HISTORY) The PERHAM family boasts of having 3 Ministers, one Doctor, several college graduates one graduate of the Conservatory of Music in Boston who later taught Music in California.
MY PHOTO ALBUM More Photos on pg 3 under "Family Photo Album"
Photos of my Dad Leroy L. Fuller

Dad's Navy marker Musician 1ST. WWII with name misspelled with a capital R. Sept 6 1907 - Feb 9 1967 To the left is stone for Dad's 2nd wife Doris (Remick) Fuller Located in Glenwood Cemetery Littleton NH.
Photos of my Mom Carrie(Young)Fuller (Early & mid 1930's) (Later photos in 1990's)
My grandmother Minnie F.(Colvin) Young and my Mom are buried side by side in the Union cemetery, Fort Edward, NY.
Dad and Second wife. Doris (Remick) Fuller
Roy (Sr), grandson Bryan, and Roy (Jr)
FOUR GENERATIONS of FULLERS Miriam (baby's mother) Grandfather Roy Jr. Gr-grandmother
Carrie (holding baby Brent) and baby's father Bryan.
Leroy L. Fuller (Jr)
Son Bryan Fuller and His wife Miriam Ludovico
Grandson Brent L. Fuller and his wife Maria Aurora Crespo Juliano
Greatgrandson, Christopher L. Fuller, son of Grandson Brent
Granddaughter Michelle O. Fuller
Grandparents on the Young side. James A. Young Minnie (Colvin) Young
Found today (1/20/2001) a new photo of my Grandfather. This was found beneath a photo of my Grandmother in a small locket that had belonged to my Mother.These are my Mom's parents.
James A. Young with grandchildren l-r Bob..Jim... and Roy Fuller
Grandparents on the Fuller Side. Harry Elmer Fuller Caroline (Perham) Fuller Harry, Caroline, and second wife Angie Smith are all buried in the FULLER plot in the Riverside Cemetery Lunenburg, Vermont THIS IS THE FULLER PLOT
Main stone Harry-Caroline-Angie
My Great Grandparents William Henry Fuller Robert Marshall Perham
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Please note the two photos ( Wm. Henry Fuller & Robert M. Perham) were taken from a poor copy machine copy of a very old picture probably from about 1910. The original is in the hands of an Aunt in Arizona.
This is the old photo copy of the Fuller & Perham Families
Back row. l-r Caroline Perham 1884-1935(Grandmother) Harry E. Fuller 1881-1955(grandfather)
Middle row. l-r William H. Fuller 1840-1913 (grGrandfather) Robert M. Perham 1840-1915 (grGrandfather) Willis W. Perham 1889-1925 (A great Uncle) Henry W. Perham 1892-? (A great Uncle)
Front row. l-r Leroy L. Fuller (Sr) 1907-1967 (My Dad, very young) Mae F.(Fuller)Silver 1892-? (Dad's sister)Harry A. Fuller 1900-? (Dad's brother)
Front L-R: Caroline Perham, Priscilla Fuller, Lucy Andrews
Back: Gladys & Frank Fuller
William H. Fuller, Caroline Perham, Robert M. Perham
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